On Wheat

Here at Alfresco, we take pasta seriously. We use spring durum wheat from Montana, known for its exceptionally high protein content and incredible quality. Even the Italians, the kings of the craft import their wheat from Montana. Since our farm and mill are just a few states away, our durum wheat semolina flour is made into pasta in an extraordinarily fresh condition. Along with semolina, we use the best Wisconsin cheeses, fresh eggs, and locally and regionally sourced meat and vegetables to make our handcrafted, artisan pasta. Finally, we give our pasta its vibrant colors using real ingredients, including roasted red peppers, tomatoes, beets, and spinach. So what does it mean to be a small batch, artisan pasta kitchen? It means we care about our pasta, and choose to use only the best ingredients and real Italian machinery to create a product we all take pride in.