A day in the life of a pasta maker

It takes a special kind of person to be a pasta maker. It is a complex craft, made up of details. It is an art and a science. And it is not for the faint of heart. The day begins at sunrise, the music blares from the kitchen at Alfresco Pasta, and the small team of chefs begins their daily undertaking of handcrafting the best fresh pasta in the south-east. Marvin the dough master, cracks the eggs, measures the flour and mixes the dough to perfection, adjusting the moisture content, depending on the daily temperature and humidity. Local veggies are seasoned and roasted, fresh Wisconsin cheese is grated, and specialty meat and seafood are processed for creating incredible ravioli fillings. The kitchen is filled with complex Italian machinery. Each machine creates a different cut or type of pasta, and the instructions are as Authentic as the machines themselves, written in Italian. The pasta is then flash frozen to lock in the perfect texture and flavor, before being packaged and sent off with our distributors, who take our pasta to restaurants and institutions across the country.