Your Pasta, Your Way.

Want to include goat cheese from your favorite local farm? Done. Have a specific kale and mushroom combo in mind? Let’s do it. When you customize a signature pasta product with us, we’ll make sure your personal touches take center stage.

Pasta Ball for Kitchen

"I love the high quality of Alfresco Pasta, cavatappi is the ideal noodle for mac and cheese. I am so lucky they ship to Virginia!"

-- Anthony Nelson, Chef, Field & Main Restaurant

Get House-Made Quality without the
House-Made Hassle.

Alfresco Pasta brings you consistent, chef-quality products with the freshness and attention to detail that you demand in your own kitchen, without the overhead of owning specialty equipment or hiring additional staff.

"When we're looking for a high quality, artisan made or unique pasta, we always turns to Alfresco as our number one source."

-- Seth Freedman, Chef, Peachdish

Set Your Business Apart.

Looking for a little “wow” factor? Our culinary staff stays one step ahead of food trends, so you can offer of-the-moment pasta dishes and the buzz-worthy, fresh ingredients that make for a memorable customer experience.