Eating Local


As a Nashville, TN based small business we have made it our goal to use locally and regionally sourced       ingredients whenever possible. We recognize that the flavors that our customers have grown to love and   expect would not be possible without the amazing farmers who put as much love into their craft as we do here at   Alfresco Pasta! Here are just a few of our favorites:

If you live in Nashville, and you like Bacon, then you know the quality of bacon coming from Benton’s Bacon. We use it in our aptly named Benton’s Bacon Ravioli.




Black Hawk Farms has built their business on a “Better way to Raise Cattle”, and that belief really shines through with their products.  We use their Black Hawk Farms Beef in our Black Hawk Farms Braised Beef Ravioli.

Through these partnerships, and many others, we are proud to be recognized by Pick Tennessee, a function of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture which aims to help in “living local better”. We couldn’t agree more!